Cell Culture


1. Asa Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2012. The technology was transferred to the Australian research team Autologous Stem Cell Technology (ASCT) for blood stem cell oriented culture. ASCT was awarded the safety and operation legitimacy of medical applications in Australia, and the medical license issued by the Australian National Health Unit (TGA) in 2011.

2. Hematopoietic stem cells have a variety of potential and are important for maintaining health and immunity. In our research, we found that human peripheral blood derived white blood cell group stem cells have multiple differentiation potential. Under suitable growth conditions, white blood cell group stem cells can be transdifferentiated into bone cells, nerve cells, liver cells and cardiomyocyte specific protein expression, and nanog, oct-4, Sox-2 stem cell gene expression. Our research results have been applied for multi-national patents and are under review.

3. Pre-clinical animal trials have confirmed that our peripheral leukocyte group stem cells are safe and do not cause tumorigenesis. This autologous peripheral blood stem cell technology platform will be applied to the adjuvant treatment of diseases and cell repair, which will reduce the pain of bone harvesting with stem cells. We will strive to extend our results to clinical application.

4. Services and Products

5. Neurons derived from human peripheral blood stem cells: Human peripheral blood stem cells differentiate into neuron-like cells with neuron-specific protein expression.

6. Hepatocytes Derived from Human Peripheral Blood Stem Cells: Human Peripheral Blood Stem Cells differentiate into hepatocyte-like forms, presenting specific protein expression of hepatocytes.